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SVN: Set system wide ignore for os X

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If you worked with svn client on macs, especially with FlashBuilder projects, you will notice all hidden project files shows up, and you have to remember not to commit them to the svn repository.

There is a simple way to set a system wide ignore setting to make your svn client always ignore certain files.

First, make sure you have “show hidden files” enabled, then go to your home folder to .subversion folder.
From there, open the “config” file. Open up that baby and scroll down to the line with # global-ignores =
You can add any file extension there for your svn client to ignore globally.

I added the following for flashbuilder specific files that I normally would not commit to svn:
.DS_Store .settings .flexLibProperties bin- debug .actionScriptProperties .project .flexProperties

It should look something like this:

One Comment

  1. Nice, client side properties instead of server ones, allow devs to setup their ignore list depend on their environment.

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